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Black Belt Home Training

10th Degree Karate Master Makes Learning Karate at Home Enjoyable and Inexpensive...

My name is Hanshi Michael Pace and I have been studying and teaching karate for over 50 years. I have recently sold my martial arts school but would like to share my knowledge via the Internet with people like you.
My program teaches all facets of karate training including the basics, drills, kata (forms), self-defense and sparring.
The online classes are laid out so that you can learn step by step and work at your own pace.
Register Here For a Free Trial
I have found over the years that the two biggest obstacles for students of the martial arts are the cost of lessons and finding the time to get to classes on a regular basis.
We have addressed both of those problems with this online course.
First, you will have access to all the training on your computer, tablet or phone. You can practice for short periods of time whenever available.
Second, our membership fees are a fraction of the cost of live training. We also have three levels of membership as low as $20 a month, giving you the option to get as much help and guidance as you need.
We have a Free Trial program where you can learn all your techniques, forms, etc. to the yellow belt rank. This way you can see if this online program is for you.
We have eliminated much of the Japanese terminology so that learning and remembering the techniques becomes so much simpler. Learning should be enjoyable and fun.  
You can train for the exercise, discipline and fun and you can also earn your karate belts (from a recognized organization) all the way to Black Belt!
Register Here For a Free Trial
You may be wondering who I am and if I am qualified to teach karate at a high level. I can't blame you with all the phonies and scams. Take a minute to look at my bio page to know what I am all about.
I have put together a program that contains everything you need to learn a traditional karate system. We include all facets of karate training and no fluff.
Being in this business for a long time I know that the average live training costs anywhere between $130 to over $200 per month. Typically test fees run between $30 for the lower ranks and over $100 for the higher ranks. We have made this online training affordable for just about anyone.
One of the many reasons most adults never start (or continue) with their training is the time factor. They just aren't able to get to classes regularly and end up quitting or not even committing in the first place. With our program you can practice on your own schedule, in as little as 20-30 minutes a week and break it down into as many sessions as you need.
We have three different plans which you can choose from. All very inexpensive, and give you the support you feel you need to succeed. But first I suggest you start with our free trial program.

Read about what a few of Hanshi Pace's student's say about him.

“Hanshi Michael Pace promoted me to Black Belt in December 2005.  He has been an inspiration and devoted mentor to me during my 12 years as a Martial Arts Sensei.  Hanshi Pace exemplifies a true Leader, Professional and Friend to all of us that follows his teachings.” 
Sensei John Acock
Hanshi Pace is very skilled and knowledgeable martial artist and yet he is still very humble. It was over 20 years ago that I decided to start to training with him and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Shihan Gene Rega

Chief Instructor Pace Institute of Karate

Shichidan 7th Dan 七段

Hanshi Pace is incredibly wise and knowledgeable. The things I learned from him would not have been taught to me in school or anywhere else. It has been an amazing 14 years with Hanshi Pace, and I could not be more grateful to him. 
Sensei Melissa Wilson
2nd Degree Black Belt
I met Hanshi Pace over 30 years ago as a young black belt fresh out of the military.  He developed and mentored me into the martial artist and made a huge impact on my personal life and success.  I am his ranking student now as a 9th degree black belt.  His leadership,  guidance and friendship has given me an avenue to success and happiness in both personal and professional life and business.   I support any endeavor he approaches. 

Shihan Jim Peterson 
9th degree black belt 
Goshin Ryu Karate 

I have known Hanshi Mike Pace since 1990. At that time i was training at another Martial Art school, and was not really happy. I started at Hanshi's school  i have been a student of his ever since. I earned my black belt under him and i currently hold an 8th Degree Black Belt in the Goshin Ryu System. 
Hanshi Pace has not only been a mentor, teacher but also a father figure to me since we met in 1990. He took me under his wing after i achieved my black belt and I become an instructor at his dojo, He has taught me everything i know today. Without his guidance and leadership through the years i would have never been able to open my own Martial Art school, which i did in 1998. 
I would highly recommend Hanshi Pace. He is the real deal.....I am living proof......

    Shihan Timothy Joseph

Hanshi Pace is an excellent martial artist. He is skilled in kata, sparring, self-defense and the use of a wide range of karate weapons.  In addition to his personal skills, Hanchi Pace is an accomplished instructor, having developed and promoted an impressive group of black belts.  He also has an extensive knowledge of karate history.
Sensei John McCarthy
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