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Kata  is a Japanese word describing detailed patterns of movements usually practiced solo. Karate kata are executed as a specified series of a variety of moves, with stepping and turning, while attempting to maintain perfect form.

A more simplified definition of kata is: A series of offensive and defensive techniques practiced against one or more imaginary opponents. Without kata karate would just be street fighting.

Kata is used to develop stepping, form, speed, power, balance an focus. The practice of kata improves all facets of the art of karate including, form, self defense and  sparring.

When kata is taught live in the dojo the student is shown only a few steps or techniques at a time. The student then practices what he/she is taught and then demonstrates the moves for his/her instructor. This process might take weeks or longer. If things are progressing correctly, the moves are correct and the form is decent, more of the kata is taught.

Since we are video training in this program it is suggested that you follow the following guidelines when learning each kata:

1. Take your time. Do each move slowly, stopping to check for proper form after each move. If possible practice in front of a mirror or have someone video tape your progress.

2. Work on only a small portion of the form at a time, only progressing when you feel your form is right.

3. Continue doing the moves slowly, checking your stances, hand positioning and correct placement of your punches, kicks and blocks.

4. Work the kata slowly until you have all the moves comfortably down with good form. Only then should you speed up and start to add power to all your moves. As far as speed is concerned, we include a full speed (really normal speed) version for you to see the proper speed the kata should be performed at.

Taikyoku Dai Kata

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