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The Basics - The Foundation of Karate

Mastering the basics is the most important first step in learning karate. If the basics are correct, everything you build upon them will be correct. If the basics are poor it is impossible to develop into an excellent karate-ka.

You can liken it to building a house or building. The foundation must be level and plumb. If not, as the building is developed it will be lopsided and unstable. The higher it goes the worse the problem becomes.

If your karate form is poor, it becomes very difficult for you to progress to the higher ranks. Proper form and technique is required to perform excellent kata (traditional forms), execute effective self defense and the ability to properly carry out successful sparring techniques.

It's important for you to take your time learning and practicing what follows in this introductory program. Review all videos several times at least as you follow along and start perfecting the stances, techniques and moves.

As you progress I will guide you on how fast you should be moving ahead. There are some things in life that slower in the beginning is faster and more effective in the long run. Karate is one of them.

Mastering The Basics

Formal Stances

Training Stances


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