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About Hanshi Michael Pace

Hanshi Pace has been studying and teaching the martial arts since 1967. He started his training in a system called Amdo which means American Way. 

In the early 70's he started to train in the Goshin-Ryu system of karate. Goshin-Ryu is comprised of the four major Okinawan styles of karate  but primarily Goju-Ryu and Shorin-Ryu.

After receiving his fifth degree black belt in 1990 he opened his own school in Lake Hopatcong, NJ.

He created the Pace Institute of Karate and moved his school to McAfee, NJ and later to Vernon, NJ in 1995.

He has developed over 100 black belts over the years and many hundreds of  Junior black belts.

He is currently the President and Grand Master of both the Goshin Ryu and American Goshin-Do Karate Associations. He is also a member of the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame.

In 2012 he received his 10th Degree black belt and in 2014 the title of "Hanshi" Grand Master.

Scroll down to see some past and present photos.


Pictured with just a few of his many black belts.






Pictured here with his wife. Taken about 10 years ago.


Pictured with a few of his ranking black belts and Great Grandmaster J. Stellingwerf.

Mike_boxing gloves_cropped_for-ad.jpg

2018 Age 71


Hanshi's last dojo.

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Hanshi Cert.jpg
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